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About the Books

A Royal Affair Series, Book One - ThreeWhat if the love of your life lived 200 years ago?

Emma was born with a gift to see past lives, but has no interest in reliving her own. Until it comes back to haunt her.

When Emma meets Peter he seems like an average guy, albeit crushingly handsome, not to mention wealthy. Then he reveals he’s so much more, he’s the crowned Prince of Belgium, and Emma can’t shake the feeling they’ve met before. And when starts falling for him she suddenly realizes they’ll never be together in this life because of what happened in the past.

Two-hundred years ago Fitz and Anna-Maria ruled Belgium as King and Queen, but their heart-stopping love story ended in one of the greatest royal tragedies history has ever known.

Recalling the past is one thing, rewriting history is another.

Is Emma skilled enough for the task?

Battling unfinished business, navigating 19th century society, and evading enemies that are able to travel through time just to keep them apart makes Emma fear the worst, despite what her heart tells her.

Set in New York, Belgium, and 200 years ago, the Royal Romance Trilogy is a sweeping paranormal time travel saga about a love that will live forever, often just out of grasp, and the forces that are trying to destroy it.

A Royal Affair Series | A Royal Affair Book One | A Royal Scandal Book Two | A Royal Romance Book Three



Loving VivienneWhat happens when you fall in love with a man you can never have?

Vivienne has it all, a successful writing career, a hit movie, a life most women dream of. The only thing missing is someone to share it with. So when a handsome, successful doctor saves her from near death, Vivienne is certain she’s finally met the man of her dreams… Until she discovers who he is… or rather who his father is. The man who single-handedly tore apart her brother’s life. Can she put the past behind her? Will she choose family over love? Or will she lose the man she feels destined to be with?






Kate Mitchell has never forgiven herself for breaking Nick Lavigne’s heart. Now he’s back and he’s moved on, and it’s affecting Kate’s life more than she’s willing to admit.

Kate Mitchell has evclimaxchristinageorgeerything. She’s the head of a crazy successful publishing house, engaged to the traffic-stopping sexy Mac Ellis and she’s about to sign one of the biggest authors of her career.

And that’s when everything falls apart.

Everything is perfect…until it’s not.

In a city of 8 million people Kate manages to run into someone she never expected to see again.

Nick is handsome, impossibly kind, every girl’s dream, and Kate’s former fiancé. He’s also the brother of the rising star author she’s trying to sign. Now that Nick’s back in town and has moved on he insists he’s over Kate, but part of him still can’t get past how amazing they were, and his sister won’t let anyone forget how brutally it ended.

When Mac is dealt a life-changing blow, it forces Kate to question every single choice she’s made.

Follow Kate as she embarks on a journey of life and love, navigating through the decisions that will change it all forever.

  The Publicist

Behind every book, there’s always more to the story.

Can one woman change an age-old institution like publishing? Probably not, but Kate Mitchell sure wants to try. As a publicist with a large, respected New York publishing house, Kate finds herself at the mercy of a broken publishing system, books that don’t always sell (at all) and author egos that are often, well, as big as the island of Manhattan.

Enter the star Editor, MacDermott Ellis. Tall, handsome, charismatic, married, and ready to save the day. Kate wants to do the right thing but her hormones seem to be driving her decisions. Then there’s Allan Lavigne, once a revered author, now as forgotten as yesterday’s news; and his nephew Nick, who wants to sweep Kate away from New York for another coast, California.

As Kate tries to navigate the landmine of publicity, the over-the-top author expectations, and the careful dance of “I’m sorry, your book isn’t on the bestseller list this week”, she also finds authors who are painfully overlooked by a publisher wanting more sex, more celebrities, and more scandal.

Welcome to the world of Publishing. The ego has landed.

Book 2 – Shelf Life

Shelf Life:

The Publicist Book Two

The story only an insider could tell.

Publishing: An industry of out-of-control of egos, unrealistic expectations, and books with the shelf life of milk.

This is Kate’s world, but for how long?

When one of Kate Mitchell’s star authors is carted away in handcuffs, she thinks it’s only the beginning of her troubles. As her world crumbles around her, Kate desperately looks for anyone to hold onto but finds that happy endings are truly works of fiction. When her career and love affair hit their expiration date, Kate sets off on a new adventure….

Starting over in California is easy, but Kate soon learns that leaving her old life behind isn’t. Nicholas Lavigne is eager to help her forget, but two things still own her heart, the dream of discovering the next great American novel, and MacDermott Ellis.

As Kate tries to rebuild her life she finds a surprising gift that reboots her career in a new and unexpected direction. Suddenly her name becomes synonymous with one of the biggest bestsellers publishing has seen in ages and she’s welcomed back with open arms. At the height of her success the ghosts of her past come back to remind her of the world she’d been trying to forget and the man who never let go of her heart.

 Behind the book, there’s always more to the story.

“…this book grabbed my interest from page one. I’m sure Ms. George has more than a few industry insiders chuckling at her stories and cringing at how close to home they hit.”
Scandalicious Book Reviews

Meet the Characters

KateKate Mitchell

Kate is a dedicated book publicist and lover of the written word. Though Kate loves her job, she sometimes has to deal with crazy, out-of-control egos and author demands that cause her question her sanity and also makes her wonder why she isn’t doing something more benign – like training sharks or pythons. Her job is even crazier thanks to the changes going on in the publishing business, which adds another layer of frustration and stress to her work. Kate lives in New York and hasn’t really had much success in love until she meets MacDermott Ellis and then, Nick Lavigne. Both men are vying for her heart but, clearly, only one can win.




GraceGrace Adler

Everyone should have a Grace in his or her life. She pulls no punches when it comes to telling it like it is, and she’s Kate’s BFF. Grace is an artist and also lives in New York. She’s an eclectic person who avoids direct sunlight (sun damage!!), television (big brother propaganda!!) and social media (total mind suck). She loves European authors, and is currently immersed in a book from a Russian writer. When she’s not reading or painting, Grace is spending time with Kate and sharing life’s wisdom over her favorite tea (and, yes, she always brings her own tea bags).


Mac MacDermott Ellis

MacDermott, or Mac to those who know him well, is a star editor at Morris & Dean Publishing House (or he was, but that’s another long story). Mac can spot great book a mile away and he’s worked in publishing for as long as anyone can remember. Tall and handsome, he oozes sex and impossible charm. Mac is a tough one to resist. He works with Kate and always has her back. Mac, however, is married, though his marriage fell apart many years back. He is hesitant to divorce because of his wife’s very Catholic family, or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself. So he stays married and has “relationships.” Not his ideal life but it’s never bothered him, at least not until he met Kate.

Senior Man In Brown Leather VestAllan Lavigne

Once a beloved author, Alan now lives alone in a smallish apartment in New York. Kate met him one day when they were both getting takeout at a local Chinese restaurant and she struck up a conversation. She knew Allan from his one-time mega bestseller: The Fall, and had studied his work in college. Allan had long since been discarded and dismissed by publishing and his publisher: Morris & Dean. Kate was a welcome friend to Allan, who cherished her like a daughter. Allan refuses to write again, though he is probably one of the most talented voices to ever put pen to paper. Allan worries that a new book would never live up to the first, and then he’d always be the author who “thought he could.” Instead, he lives a modest life with some good friends and enjoys the memories of what once was. “Fame,” as he often tells Kate, “is a hungry animal, always demanding to be fed. It’s a beast when you feed it and a beast when you don’t.”


NickNicholas Lavigne

Nick is a good guy, there’s really no other way to describe him: A genuine soul and a genuine heart. He lives in Southern California and owns and runs several health food stores in and around the Los Angeles area. And, clearly, he’s very easy on the eyes. Nick has no shortage of female admirers, but he’s really looking for one, true relationship. He is Allan’s nephew and practically the only family the older Lavigne has left. Nick dotes on his uncle and flies out whenever he can to visit and spend time with him. When Nick meets Kate, however, he knows his world is about to change, and Allan (forever the matchmaker), wants nothing more than to see them together.




LuluLulu Proctor

This gal is really devoted to Kate. As her assistant at Morris & Dean, Lu really pitches in to help Kate solve some pretty big problems. This includes keeping the wolves at bay when life (or an author) starts to get out of control. Lu wants to do more though; she wants to be a publicist, too. In her free time, Lulu has a great husband and kids and loves all things celebrity. When Morris & Dean gets a big, celeb book, Kate will often sneak Lulu into the green room or some other venue where she can meet the celeb in question. When Kate’s life becomes a train wreck, Lulu steps in to save the day. Everyone should be so lucky to work with a girl like her!


EdwardEdward Sherman

What can we say about Edward that’s nice? Well, not much really. Edward is the head of Morris & Dean and he’s a legend in publishing. He’s made many authors into bestsellers and rumor has it that Edward can sniff out a bestselling title out of a stack of 500 crappy books. It’s a gift and one he’s used to his advantage to get what he wants as well as who he wants. Edward is married, too, and his wife (with whom he shares a comfortable Upper East Side condo) is blissfully unaware of his many conquests. Many women throw themselves at Edward because of who he is and the power he wields. Sex with Edward Sherman, however, is not a corporate climb but a descent into professional oblivion.


AndrewAndrew Trapp

Once a mega rock star, Andrew no longer cares for the limelight as he once did. Aside from his groundbreaking music, he was known for his affairs with famous women, making  which were characterized by grand gestures that included climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower during a concert tour in Paris and insisting the starlet who recently dumped him return, lest he throw himself off of the monument. He made all of the papers, both national and international, though he didn’t end up as a stain on a Parisian sidewalk. Though slightly misguided at times, Andrew has a heart of gold and a secret he’s been waiting years to share. When he meets Kate, the two become good friends and, much like Grace, Andrew is by Kate’s side as she navigates one of the biggest train wrecks of her life.

coming in book 3


Vivienne Lavigne

Vivienne, or Viv, is Nick’s younger sister. She was just a teenager when their parents died and she’s had a pretty rough time. She traveled a lot and went to school internationally, which Nick hated because he really didn’t like being so far from his baby sister. But it’s what she needed and wanted, and Nick supported her and worked to fund her schooling. But now things have changed, Viv is back in the US and staying with her brother while she explores her own writing career. Turns out, Viv has as much talent as her uncle but will she use it? Vivienne is young and shy but not stupid, she has seen how the world works and though she loves to write, her number one priority is her brother.

RuthDr. Ruth Ann Wilson

Dr. Wilson is odd, quirky and (never standing on ceremony) insists on being called Ruth Ann. She’s a therapist extraordinaire, one of the best in her industry and a good friend (and former therapist) to Andrew. But Ruth Ann is also a bit tough to take. She doesn’t stand on bullshit, has no time for traditional therapy methods and isn’t always long on patience. When Kate’s life hits the skids (again!) in Book Three, Andrew recommends to Kate that she schedule some time with the odd but wise doctor. When Kate settled onto Ruth Ann’s couch, she got a reality check she wasn’t expecting.