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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Today an author called me, said she’d spoken with a company that can guarantee 3,000 in book sales. Really? I never knew that was possible.

Listen up folks, no one, and I repeat no one can guarantee book sales – ever. That’s just the bottom line.

My next favorite part of this conversation was when the author told me they’d promised her that she’d get a second book deal if she sold a min of 3,000 books. They told her that was a publishers “magic number.”

I didn’t know we did have a magic number. Actually we don’t, no one does. I wish we did, actually. Half the time I have no idea what my bosses will feel is successful.

So, the bottom line my bookish friends is this: no one can predict book sales and there is no magic number for gaining the attention of a New York publisher. Just write a good (great) book, do the promotion and see what happens.